Our Biomedical Engineering community

We are very proud of our biomedical engineering community, including all of our students, staff members, BmE alumni and partners.

Our junior and senior scientific staff members form the core of the BmE department. This diverse group includes researchers with many different scientific backgrounds from all over the world. Their scientific excellence, creativity and insights is the basis for our education and research.

The many research groups together form a tightly knit web with complimentary specialisms. The team leaders and the departmental board share the managerial tasks and nurture new and senior talent alike. This light and transparent organization with short communication lines ensures that young academic scientific members are heard, valued and guided.

The expertise of the support staff of the BmE department is invaluable to keep up with the high standards of education and research of today. The members of the support staff and scientific staff form one team, fostering the informal contact we all appreciate and that provides us with that homely environment that allows one to grow as a person. 

Our BmE alumni and other partners are a valued part of our BmE community. We highly appreciate the role they play in constantly challenging us and actively contributing to our education and research.

Facts & figures

(September 2021)

10 Fulltime professors
6 Parttime professors
9 Associate professors
20 Assistent professors

36 Postdocs
123 PhD students
2 PDEng students

4 Scientific support staff
34 Support staff
1141 students

37 nationalities
52% Women - 48% Men

Departmental organization

The department of Biomedical Engineering is administered by the Departmental Board. The Departmental Office and the Education Institute (team ESA BmE) support the board and the research groups in providing education and facilitating research.

Our associations