Willem Einthoven Alumni Association

Willem Einthoven is the alumni association for graduates of the department of BME. Our alumni are graduates from one of the master’s degree programs of the department, the former Biomedical Mechanical Engineering program and graduated PhD students of the department of Biomedical Engineering. The association is named after the Dutch scientist Willem Einthoven, who in 1924 became the first Dutchman to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine for inventing the electrocardiograph (ECG).

Alumni association Willem Einthoven is building a network of alumni and is working in all sorts of field of expertise. Our alumni are among others working in companies, hospitals and at universities. All alumni can benefit from this network both professionally and socially. In addition to this, the alumni association is actively involved in career development for the current generation of students of the department of BME.

Activities organized by the alumni association in collaboration with the department of BME and study association Protagoras, are:


You can join the alumni association Willem Einthoven for free through registration viaAlumninet. After signing up you can participate in the activities and take advantage of our network!


Board members of alumni association Willem Einthoven are:

If you are interested in becoming a board member or would like to help organizing an event, please let us know. We are happy to provide you with more information. Feel free to contact us at we@tue.nl, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Our LinkedIn and Facebook pages will keep you informed of our activities, relevant vacancies and provide you with information about our members. All members can share messages that may be of interest to other alumni.