Department Council

Responsibilities and rights

The department council is a consultative group that represents the department.

The council meets every 4 to 6 weeks with the department board. In this meeting the council addresses issues raised by students and employees on education (both bachelor and master), research, finance, policy and communications. Also upon changes such as introducing the major / minor system the council supplies input. Both from the perspective of staff and students.

If you have any comments or questions for the council contact us by e-mail to

Chairdr. Jurjen Tel

Lucienne Coolen

Members (staff)

Simone de Jong

Jurgen Bulsink

Roel Meiburg

dr. Christian Ottmann

Members (students)

Sanne Bleser

Jelle van Kerkvoorde

Ella van de Pol

Lieke Luiken

Minette van der Wal


mr. Rob Debey

prof. dr. Maarten Merkx


René van Donkelaar

Joska Aerts