Departmental Board

Responsibilities and rights

The departmental board is responsible for the overall management of the department. That includes organizing and managing the department, determining the educational and research programs, regulations and monitoring the implementation of departmental programs. The departmental board determines the strategy and policy in the fields of research, education and knowledge transfer in interaction with the scientific content owners.

The departmental board consists of four members. The dean is president and is assisted by a vice dean (academic staff member) and the Managing Director. The program Director Bachelor, coordinator Graduate Program and a student representative are advisory members.

Dean (chair)prof.dr. Peter Hilbers
Vice Dean (research) Cees Oomens
Vice Dean (education) Luc Brunsveld
Managing Directormr. Rob Debey
Student representative (advisor)Vera Koomen
Advisordr. René van Donkelaar
SecretaryLucienne Coolen

If you have questions for the departmental board please send an e-mail to the secretary.