Research groups

Regenerative Engineering & Materials

The research of the cluster is mostly basic and applied, focusing on adaptation, remodeling, growth, damage and repair in cells and tissues. We apply a combination of principles from fluid and solid mechanics, cell biology, immune-engineering and biophysics. Outcomes are translated into advanced medical interventions based on tissue engineering and materials for regenerative medicine, mainly in the areas of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

The following research groups belong to this cluster:

Chemical Biology

Within this cluster issues in biomedical engineering are approached on a molecular basis using the interplay of organic chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry physical chemistry and chemical physics. Using these disciplines biological processes as well as the interactions between synthetic and living matter are studied at the level of molecules and used as a source of inspiration for the design and synthesis of new drugs and biomaterials.

The following research groups belong to this cluster:

Biomedical Imaging & Modelling

Within this cluster methods and techniques from e.g. mathematics, computer science, physics, and medicine are used in medical imaging, image analysis, and modelling and interpretation of biomedical systems. In both research and clinical diagnostics these methods are applied to understand the workings of the human body, and to accurately predict the application of medical interventions.

The following research groups belong to this cluster: