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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Lafarge, M.W. MIA PhD Stud. GEM-Z 3.108 +31 40-247 5050 Email to Lafarge, M.W.
Lafleur, R.P.M. OC PD STO 0.43 +31 40-247 2187 Email to Lafleur, R.P.M.
Lansbergen, M.D.I. QME OBP FLX 0. Email to Lansbergen, M.D.I.
Lao Martil, D. MSc BMOD PhD Stud. GEM-Z 3A.2 +31 40-247 5573 Email to Lao Martil, D. MSc
Lau, dr. R.A. CB PD STO 3.35 +31 40-247 4172 Email to Lau, dr. R.A.
Le, dr. H.T.D. BOC PD STO 3.25 +31 40-247 2040 Email to Le, dr. H.T.D.
Lemmens, L.J.M. CB PhD Stud. STO 3.24 +31 40-247 2267 Email to Lemmens, L.J.M.
Liefde - van Beest, dr. M. de BBMT OBP GEM-Z 3.115 +31 40-247 2239 Email to Liefde - van Beest, dr. M. de
Linden, A.J. van der CB PhD Stud. CE 0.04 +31 40-247 5559 Email to Linden, A.J. van der
Liu, P. CVB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Liu, P.
Loenen, ir. A.C.Y. OPB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.14 +31 40-247 5392 Email to Loenen, ir. A.C.Y.
Loerakker, S. STB UD GEM-Z 4.110 +31 40-247 3048 Email to Loerakker, S.
Loon, L.J.C. van EBMT OWP GEM-Z 0. Email to Loon, L.J.C. van
Lopata, R.G.P. CVB UHD GEM-Z 4.123 +31 40-247 4878 Email to Lopata, R.G.P.
Lubken, ir. R.M. MBx PhD Stud. FLX 5.112 Email to Lubken, ir. R.M.
Lumens, J.E. EBMT OWP GEM-Z 0. Email to Lumens, J.E.
Luwijs, L.F. BBMT OBP GEM-Z 1.115 +31 40-247 4313 Email to Luwijs, L.F.

Total persons: 17