We educate a new generation of students able to solve today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges of society. We consider in-depth disciplinary knowledge as key for professional leadership and true autonomy in future professions.

Our education is small scale. Students are offered a maximum degree of freedom to select education in the sub-discipline of their preference. Collaborative skills are trained in joint challenge-based projects that address societal challenges.

We educate life-long learners, students with the abilities and attitude to maintain an open mind.

Incoming mobility students

The information is meant for inbound mobility students (exchange students, free movers and research students) that would like to apply at TU/e Department of the Built Environment.


ROASD was created in the Department of the Built Environment of the TU/e, which stands for Robotic Architectural Structural Design. This platform links all students and researchers working with robots. It supports in programming and using the robots, collects knowledge on digital manufacturing and manages the robotic lab.