The Department of the Built Environment offers the following studies:

  • Undergraduate program in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
  • Master Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Master Construction Management and Engineering

TU/e Bachelor College

Your Bachelor study program is part of the TU/e Bachelor College and comprises your major, basic subjects, free electives and USE. For your major you will choose the field in which you later intend to work as an engineer. Through a number of compulsory subjects, the university provides you with a solid foundation that enables your engineering career to take different directions. You also have non-technology subjects because engineers do more than simply engineering.  In addition to your major, a good part of your study incorporates free electives that can accentuate your study.

On the website you find more information about the TU/e Bachelor College.

TU/e Graduate School

The Master programs are part of the TU/e Graduate School.

Choice of study

Before starting a study, it is of great importance to properly investigate whether the study of your choice actually fits you. To help you with this, the Department of the Built Environment organizes various study information and liaison activities.
Through this website you can find a lot of information about our study programs.

Are you interested?
Then take part in our information and liaison activities. And check whether your idea of the study program is correct!