Academic Advisors

The Academic Advisors are the first point of contact when students seek assistance with issues such as specific personal study information, counselling, referral to help options and mediation. The academic advisors are not involved in the reviewing or assessment of students’ performance and therefore neutral within the department. Naturally, a confidential approach to personal matters discussed is guaranteed.

The academic advisor helps students of the Department of the Built Environment who have questions or (personal) problems during their studies in several ways:

  • helping students with specific questions or personal circumstances influencing their studies. Students with any personal circumstances are advised to contact the academic advisor immediately.
  • Assisting students in (re)orienting themselves in study paths in- or outside the curriculum. The academic advisors play an important role in the implementation of the binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA) in the first year of the bachelor program.
  • If necessary, actively inviting students to have a conversation about their study progress, on the basis of their results or prior contact. In case of falling behind with the studies the academic advisor helps to explore the options for extra support.

The academic advisors can be consulted via e-mail, or by scheduling an appointment online via the link in the education guide.
The ESA-BE helpdesk can assist in more practical and administrative matters (