Education Institute

Education Office

The Education Office is responsible for timetables and student administration. In addition, the office deals with the internationalization of architecture education. It serves foreign students wishing to study at Eindhoven University of Technology, as well as Dutch students wishing to study abroad.
In addition, the secretariat of the examinations committee falls under the Education Office.
Providing information to students is also one of the key tasks of the Education Office.

Examination Committee and Diploma's
For questions about the Examination Committee and questions about Diploma's, please contact the the secretary of the Examination Committee, tel: +31 40 247 3298. 

Internationalization is becoming increasingly important to the Department of the Built Environment. A large number of master's students come from abroad and Dutch students are increasingly going abroad to pursue their studies.
For more information about opportunities abroad, you can contact Ms. Henny Houben-Verhees, tel: +31 40 247 3471.

Quality Control Office 
The Quality Controle Office of the Built Environment has the goal of guaranteeing and increasing the quality of education. It works on course development at the program and curriculum levels. Lectures can take advantage of personalized teaching support offered by the quality control employees. The courses and projects of the bachelor's and master's degree programs are regularly evaluated to guarantee their quality. For more information, please contact dr. Jos Arts, tel +31 40 - 247 2180 or drs. Loes Mutsaers, tel +31 40 - 247 8826.

Central Student Administration Built Environment
T:+31 40 - 247 4800