Projects and courses

Study load and study program for 2018-2019

Study program and learning agreement

Exchange students and free movers should choose their courses from our departmental master study program “Architecture, Building and Planning” (ABP). This program is fully English language, and can be downloaded from of our digital study guide  as of April 1, 2018.  For more information you can consult the handout “international student mobility – information sheet 2018-2019” (see download on the right).

Students that would like to enroll in a course from another TU/e department always need the prior consent of the international offices of both departments. 

Also note that our courses are always subject to availability, and that incidentally our course program and the schedule may slightly change during the academic year. This means that we can never guarantee that a student will succeed to sign up later on for all the courses specified in the approved learning agreement.

Design studios
Students that would like to do a master project in the field of architecture will later on be given the opportunity to indicate a preference for one of the available projects (design studios) in this field. Although we will take all preferences into account as far as possible, no rights can be derived from this. Since all projects are equipollent, students should regard every architecture studio as a suitable alternative.

Seminar Urbanism and Architecture (course code 7QX5M0)
Each quartile several seminar topics will be offered. These topics will be announced later to all students that have signed up for 7QX5M0. Our regular (degree) students are compelled to take this seminar as part of their TU/e study program. For this reason our regular students have priority with seminar enrollments over the exchange students. Furthermore not all seminars that are scheduled in a semester may be suited for international students (f.i. when they include Dutch literature search). For the group of exchange students this could mean that some restrictions may occur. If so, all exchange students that have chosen a seminar as part of their learning agreement will be informed accordingly at the start of their exchange semester. As all seminars have the same course code, students can only sign up for one (1) seminar during their exchange!

Research internships and MSc thesis projects
If you have been accepted for a research internship, or for work on your master / PhD thesis, you should indicate the following information in your learning agreement: the name of your TU/e supervisor, project title, and number of ECTS credits agreed upon. The information provided will be verified with the academic staff member that has accepted you for the research project or thesis project.