Program structure

The PhD Built Environment program is project-based. PhD candidates can participate in educational activities of two national PhD Schools: TRAIL (on transportation issues) and Nethur (on urban issues). Typically a PhD research project includes the following stages:

  1. Definition of research questions
  2. Literature survey
  3. Development of a theoretical model
  4. Performance specification (functional and technical)
  5. User experiment with prototype
  6. Evaluation of collected data
  7. Conclusion on model performance

During the PhD you will develop over a period of four years into an independent researcher. You will write scientific papers, present results at conferences and take part in seminars as well as undertake some teaching. Several PhDs combine the program with a part-time job as a teacher. In addition, there are many possibilities to further your development,for instance through courses and training geared to personal development and through additional scientific schooling.