Graduation studio Resilient Architecture

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Resilient Architecture.
Case study: the reuse of dismissed shipyards and water dynamics in the Dutch Delta area.

7X545 Graduation Atelier
Chairs: ADE and AHT

Dr Jacob Voorthuis
Dr Irene Curulli

Goal of the design graduation studio is to explore resilient design strategies and techniques of (water) adaptation in response to water rising level due to climate change. Case study is the Noord River industrial area in the Dutch Delta, characterised by many dismissed shipyards, and included into the National Delta Program (2015) preventive flood measures requirement.

The formulation and analysis of the meaning in use of resilient design principles is our departure point.  Can water dynamics and architecture coexist? How water can be an inspiring source for creative designs of regeneration and new development?

Students’ innovative architectural designs will answer these questions and provide a new scenario for living.