Master project Blue Gate Complex in Antwerp

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Blue Gate Complex in Antwerp
SEMESTER 2  2014-2015

The Blue Gate complex in Antwerp: design for a sustainable industrial park.
7X25 Master 1/2  
Tutor: dr. Irene Curulli

Collaborative design studio with master students from the University of Hasselt, Belgium, under the supervision of prof. M. Leus

The design concerned the transformation of the former Petroleum Zuid area in Antwerp, renamed in 2011 ‘Blue Gate’ so as to emphasize the eco-effective, international and future-oriented character of the site.

Its location is right next to the city of Antwerp and a large portion of the ‘Blue Gate’ extends along the Scheldt River. Since 1950 the Petroleum Zuid area has not been longer in use and numerous proposals have been made for its reuse. In 2011, the ‘Strategic Master Plan’ for the area was approved; it envisions a ‘sustainable industrial park’ that will provide location for green companies.

The design focused on the quay area of the Blue gate, were most of the old industrial buildings are located and which is also exposed to water floods.

These two topics, or their combination, can be highly inspiring for new concepts of reuse and proposal of new buildings that ‘work with’ water instead of proposing a defencing approach to it. 

Very important moments of study were the activities of collaboration with the master students from the University of Hasselt. Two workshops were held (one in in Belgium and one in The Netherlands) during the semester. Moreover, experts gave lectures on the semester topic, enriching the knowledge and stimulating research interests.

Skype calls were used to get to the audience.