The Department

We are driven by our ambitions to make a difference. Sustainability, in its broadest definition, is the cornerstone of our research and education.

We take the lead in (re)shaping the built environment and making it futureproof, safe, healthy, inclusive and with respect for planetary boundaries. We are in an outstanding position to do so because we house the entire spectrum of technology, engineering, design and human behavior disciplines in the built environment, with world class experimental facilities, on all scale levels. This allows us to address societal challenges from a unique integral perspective.

Our education and research programs are highly valued by peers in periodic assessments.

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Mission statement

It is our mission to educate students and to advance knowledge in science & technology from the perspective of the built environment for the benefit of humanity.

We integrate education, research, and design to enable our students and scientists to become thought leaders, able to (re)shape our cities and the building industry beyond the borders of current imagination.

In close collaboration with our public and private partners, we translate our fundamental research and design methodologies into meaningful solutions for society and are a leading international hub in our field of expertise.

We strive for a collaborative culture that is open, diverse, and inclusive.

Our organization

The departmental board is responsible for the overall management of the department. That includes organizing and managing the department, determining the educational and research programs, regulations and monitoring the implementation of departmental programs. The departmental board determines the strategy and policy in the fields of research, education and knowledge transfer in interaction with the scientific content owners.

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CASA Vertigo

CASA Vertigo organizes exhibitions and lectures within a framework of art, culture and technology on the exhibition space Plaza of the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology. 

Alumni info

The term ‘alumni’ pertains to everyone who graduated at TU/e in any of its educational programs. Are you a graduate of the master Architecture, Building and Planning or the master Construction Management and Engineering.  Did you receive your PhD degree at the department of the Built Environment? Then you are considered as an alumnus/alumna of the department. Our department is very proud of its alumni and regularly hosts special events for them in collaboration with BEAN, our alumni association.