The Department of the Built Environment

Living, working and recreation: the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) contributes via its education and research to improving the built environment. It does this at various levels, such as cities, buildings and building components, as well as in the field of building materials.

By generating and transferring innovative knowledge, the Department of the Built Environment creates comfort, sustainability, safety and image in the built environment.

Education and research
The Department of the Built Environment is one of nine faculties at TU/e. The department teaches the Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences and two master's degree programs: Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) and Construction Management and Engineering (CME). The department also conducts research in a broad range of fields in the discipline of architecture.

The Department of the Built Environment is primarily oriented towards the technology of building and technological solutions that contribute to the cultural dimension of the built environment. Research and design are scientific in nature and form the foundation of the education.

All construction disciplines
From both a national and an international perspective, the Department of the Built Environment occupies a special position. This is due to the fact that it brings almost all construction disciplines together under one roof: building physics, installation technology, structural design, performance engineering, structural engineering, architecture, urban development, planning and management.

This unique position is expressed both in the education and the research conducted at the department. Integration of and cooperation by the disciplines in design and research projects characterize the culture and identity of the department.