About CASA Vertigo

CASA Vertigo organizes exhibitions and lectures on various topics concerning art, culture and technology in the exhibition space of the department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology: Plaza Vertigo. These activities seek to deepen the faculty's building and architecture culture or have the goal of broadening by looking beyond the boundaries of different disciplines.

In addition to organizing its own exhibitions and lectures, CASA Vertigo is also the point of contact for the organization of external exhibitions and activities within the department at Plaza, the upper part of the Trappenzaal and the atrium (floor 5). The content of the activities is the result of offers from connected institutions and initiatives from the building and architectural community within and outside of the department.

CASA Vertigo was founded in 1970 as a KSA (kommissie speciale aktiviteiten) and changed its name twice (in the 90s KaSA). The exhibition organization has a long tradition of cultural events organized outside the curriculum with a quirky, somewhat transverse approach.

The Daily Management
Sergio De Sousa Lopes Figueiredo (president and curator);
Nina van Geffen (assistant-curator)
Simone Tax (assistant-curator)