Carry Animals and TV Diary

15 march | 21 april 2016
tu eindhoven, department of the built environment
plaza vertigo, groene loper 6, eindhoven
open monday to friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The very first sculpture from the still continuing series 'Carry Animals' seemed, at the time, the product of a wordplay with the German word for 'pet'; 'Haustier' (in dutch 'huisdier'). The result being the image  of an animal that carries a house. Maybe it was the manifest of a young architect who had decided to become an artist. 

As the animal was a rat, the idea of the combination with the house seemed as well to play with the practice of Hausbesetzung (house occupation) during the 1980's in Zürich: The image of the rat 'occupied' the image of the house. With, the other way around, at the same time a suggestive expression of 'domestication': Instead of evoking the experience of a threat, the house transforms the rat into a rather friendly being. A pet. 

During the 30 years of making sculptures, the tension of ambiguity has been practiced by Faesser, It resulted in most variuous shapes. An echo of the Town Musicians of Bremen fairytale is somewhat recognizable in the trophy with birds and a squirrel on its head. The SM leather mask turns the deer head into a donkey head, undermining at the same time the image of friendliness in the Brother Grimm's example. 

New in Faesser's art production is the series of prints with the name 'TV-diary'. Like in the sculpture series one image carries another one. A most surprisingway of 'responding' is practiced here.