Dutch Design Week 2015

17 october | 13 november 2015
tu eindhoven, department of the built environment
plaza vertigo, groene loper 6, eindhoven
open monday to friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

17 october | 25 october 2015 extended opening hours

CASA Vertigo is staging two exhibitions during the Dutch Design Week '15. 


PPAG from Vienna, the architecture bureau of Ana Popelka and Georg Poduschka, is well-known because of their street furniture Enzi, made for the museum area in Vienna. PPAG presents three new pieces of furniture of three recently realizes architecture projects. In one of these three projects PPAG changed and revitalized the inheritance of the Dutch ‘structuralism’: schools in Vienna show a new concept for learning, with also a new type of school tables. What impresses both architecture criticism and architecture lovers is the PPAG’s rebuilding of the Steirereck restaurant in Vienna. The luxurious budget for this restaurant was used for a true architectural experiment. Recently, PPAG has developed a new furniture piece, the ‘Twins’: it is also a furniture piece like Enzi that informally invites you to sit on it.  All these new products can been seen during this exhibition.

[Translate to Engels:] Graduation show architectural and urban design

The seventeen best graduation projects Architecture and Urbanism of the Department of the Built Environment of the last year are exhibited. Each project is a design proposal that clearly builds on the outcome of one specific graduation studio’s research. The topics of research vary from heritage to gamification, and from an understanding of the island Texel to the one of the city Torino.

Four of the seventeen projects shown are nominated for the Dutch Archiprix 2016 (the best graduation projects of all university design programs in the Netherlands).

Murat Arslan, Fieke van den Beuken, Roger Boersma, Sebastiaan Brons, Kyoung Choi, Kornelia Dimitrova, Patrick van Dodewaard, Christian Fredrix, Mick Heijkens, Luuk Hermans, Bram van  Kaathoven, Ilse Kampers, Jorn Kooistra, Jos van der Linde, Wietse Oostra, Roberto Magnanini, Reinier Simons

Haike Apelt, Juliette Bekkering, Ad de Bont, Jos Bosman, Bernard Colenbrander, Sergio De Sousa Lopes Figueiredo, Jochem Groenland, Lisanne Havinga, Wouter Hilhorst, Sjef van Hoof, Martien Jansen, Sukanya Krishnamurthy, Barbara Kuit, Daan Lammers, Christian Rapp, Ruurd Roorda, Silvia Malcovati, Noor Mens, Faas Moonen, Marcel Musch, Ana Pereira Roders, Anne Marie Peters- van den Heuvel, Henk Schellen, Jan Schevers, Jeroen Trienes, Richard Verbruggen, , Bauke de Vries, Gijs Wallis de Vries, Maarten Willems, Rob Willemse, Jacob Voorthuis, André Walraven, Pieter van Wesemael, Hüsnü Yegenoglu, Johan van Zoest