fascination: the architectural model. Ad Roefs

18 december | 23 january 2015
tu eindhoven, department of the built environment
plaza vertigo, groene loper 6, eindhoven
open monday to friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Ad Roefs (1953) studied architecture at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Tilburg. There he was educated by, for example, Max Risselada. His fascination for the architectural model inspired Roef enormously. Roef made a model of the house of Adolf Loos for the famous exhibition Raumplan versus Plan Libre, in which the differences in spatial design between the house designs of Loos and Le Corbusier made visible with models, plans and sections. 

As a self-employed architect Roef has made several spatial studies, with or without an actual client. He is fascinated about the process of decision making with the help of architectural models, not only for projects on a big scale, also for small structures or furniture. His passion translates into large models, such as shown in the exhibition, and models with different texture, materials and colours.