CASA Vertigo Procedures

In addition to organizing its own exhibitions and lectures, CASA Vertigo is also the point of contact for the organization of external exhibitions and activities within the department at Plaza, the upper part of the Trappenzaal and the atrium (floor 5).

Reserve a space
To reserve Plaza, the upper part of the Trappenzaal or the atrium, you can fill in the following forms:

After placing the reservation you will receive a message from CASA whether the reservation has been confirmed. The atrium and the upper part of the Trappenzaal can be reserved freely (whoever comes first, gets the space) provided that the subject of the activity is linked to the built environment and / or education. Whether this is the case is assessed by the CASA Vertigo daily management. Plaza cannot be reserved freely. Exhibitions organized at Plaza are always designed in collaboration with and / or checked by the CASA Vertigo daily management. This is done to guarantee the quality of the exhibitions at Plaza.

We are happy to discuss the plans for the exhibition or event so that it meets all practical and aesthetic requirements. We are also happy to help you with matters concerning the structure and materials.

lending exhibitions CASA
CASA Vertigo already hosted several exhibitions and there are certain materials available that can be lent to external parties. For questions, you can email us.