Building materials characterization, production & testing

- Strategic Research Areas: Energy, Health
- Status: existing (TU/e Campus; Vertigo Building)

The building material chair is generally focused on the research of the building materials and sustainable building, with the following aspects as the specific interest:

Sustainable building (materials, energy, water).

Mix design and concrete/mortar rheology (Self-Compacting Concrete, soil grouts, earth moist concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, oil well cement etc.). 

Microstructure and pore water of hydrating cement/lime/gypsum and cementitious by-products (slag, fly ash , bottom ash etc.), and their dehydration.Treatment of contaminated soils and dredging sludge with the help of air/steam (cleaning) and by mixing with cement/lime/gypsum (immobilization/stabilization). 

Transport properties and durability of cement/lime/gypsum based materials (e.g. Cl- and CO2 diffusion/binding). 

Air quality enhancement by building materials with photocatalytic properties. 

The research performed in this group is supported by well-equipped testing facilities:

Processing equipment: planetary ball mill,  high speed mixing, colloidal mixing,  steam generator/ autoclave to produce ASC, high temperature furnace, drying furnaces.

Characterization and analysis of materials: particle size distribution, , specific density,  XRF (Xray fluorescence), XRD (X ray diffraction), thermo graphic analysis TGA/DSC, , infra red (FT-IR),  ion chromatography (anions, cations and transition metal ions).

Air quality analysis: analytical thermal desorption, gas chromatography  mass spectroscopy (ATD/GC/MS) and  GC/PDID (pulse discharge ionization detector) , Horiba NOx, Sox analyzer and a test set-up for determining the air removal ability of functional building materials by photocatalytic oxidation technology.

Concrete performance analysis:  testing machines for concrete performance in fresh state, such as hydration calorimetry and automatic Vicat setting time; and testing machine for concrete in hardened state such as strength testing machine, thermal conductivity analyzer, optical microscopy, chloride diffusion, water penetration under pressure.