Academic advisors

The academic advisors assist students of the Department of the Built Environment with problems they experience during their study. The academic advisors have intensive contacts with the student advisors of the Education and Student Service Center of TU/e. The academic advisors don’t have responsibilities concerning the reviewing of students. They are the real point of contact for students for questions like specific personal study information, counseling, coaching and mediation. Naturally a confidential approach of questions and problems of students will be pivotal. The academic advisors also assist students in (re)orienting themselves in study paths in or outside the curriculum.

Every student who eventually has personal or different problems relating to the study will be advised to contact the academic advisor immediately. In principle It is possible to have an appointment with one of the academic advisors within a week. 

Academic advisors Education Office Department of the Built Environment:

Mevr. J.A.M. (Josee) Pulles
VRT 2.12
Tel. 00 31 40 247 8725
(premaster and master program ABP and CME)

Mevr. J.H. (Hanneke) Steetskamp
VRT 2.12
Tel. 00 31 40 247 3990
Bachelor AUBS

L. (Lisanne) Kamphorst-Schmit MSc
VRT 2.12
Tel. 00 31 40 247 6127
Bachelor AUBS

The academic advisors are members of the National Association of Academic Advisors (LVSA) and have underlined the ethic code of the profession of academic advisor of the LVSA. The advisors participate in professionalization courses of the LVSA.

The academic advisors play an important role in the implementation of the binding recommendation on the continuation of studies in the first year of the bachelor program.

Students can ask their questions concerning their study to the academic advisors. They may make an appointment at the information desk of the Education Office daily from 12.00 – 13.30 p.m. or send an e-mail to the academic advisors or call them personally.

The academic advisors also initiate also conversations with students about their study progress en and connected questions.

The academic advisors check the study progress of generations of students periodically. In case of falling behind with the studies the academic advisor points at the possibilities of extra support or otherwise on measures to be taken in order to avoid falling behind with the studies or limit possibly the damage.

The academic advisors are also advisors of the examination committee and can students help with requests meant for the examination committee.