Profile of the department

Mission statement

The Department's mission is

  1.  to conduct innovative, multidisciplinary technologically-oriented research concerning aspects of the built environment that
    - contribute to the international state of the art
    - is academically sound and rigorous
    - and is relevant to its stakeholders
  2. to disseminate the results of such research into practice.


The Department of the Built Environment at the Eindhoven University of Technology is recognized for its combination of architectural design and all building engineering disciplines within the same department.

The activities of the Department of the Built Environment consist of:

Disciplines organized into units

The Department of the Built Environment has a large number of (groups of) chairs. Within the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, these chairs focus on different disciplines within architecture, building and planning.
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Research programs

Research in the Department is organized around research programs. A research program provides the platform for coordinating the research activities of the people participating in the program, and creating a research culture of discussion, mutual support, rising quality standards and collaboration. The four research programs of the Deparment of the Built Environment are:

  • Building Physics and Services
  • Design and Decision Support Systems
  • Living Cities
  • Structural Design

Post-graduate program Smart Energy Buildings and Cities

In the 4TU group (TU Delft, Twente Universityh, Wageningen University and TU/e), the Department of the Built Environment maintains close ties with the Stan Ackermans Institute (SAI). The post-master program Smart Energy Buildings and Cities (SEB&C), is part of the SAI. The program content is managed by the Department of the Built Environment.


For the Department of the Built Environment, internationalization is an important priority. We therefore offer our bachelor's, two masters and post master's program in English, make international research programs our preference, and the department seeks to establish international collaborations with other universities.