Current projects

Breng Flex is our first of three pilots in which we both test and gather our knowledge in practice.

Breng Flex is an initiative of Breng, (a brand of Transdev) supplier of Public transport in the region Arnhem/Nijmegen.  Instead of the busses normaly provided and following schedules and routes, Travellers can order for a Breng Flex taxi from and to any of the bus stops within the designated area for a fixed rate.  The big difference with a normal taxi is that the Breng Flex taxis will pick up new travellers on the way. An algorithm calculates which operating taxi can anticipate the best to the new demanded route.

Within the project we will not only measure all technical data needed to further investigate the supply and demand characteristics of such a system, We will also monitor how people use the app, communicate about their travel and how this service is appreciated.

The project started last fall and the first results are positive.

For more information on Breng Flex, you can visit  or contact Prof. Dr. H. Meurs, Tel: +31 24 3612 099.