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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Daams, P.M.T. DO OBP VRT 2.17 +31 40-247 3960 Email to Daams, P.M.T.
Dai, L. USRE PhD Stud. VRT 9.09 +31 40-247 2262 Email to Dai, L.
Dam, S. van DO OBP VRT 2.17 +31 40-247 3730 Email to Dam, S. van
Damen, drs. W.M. AUDE PhD Stud. VRT 7.09 Email to Damen, drs. W.M.
Dane, dr. G.Z. USRE UD VRT 8.11 +31 40-247 3349 Email to Dane, dr. G.Z.
Dangol, dr. R. BPS PD VRT 6.24 +31 40-247 4274 Email to Dangol, dr. R.
Das, G.P. MSc AUDE OWP VRT 0. Email to Das, G.P. MSc
De Miguel Capdevila, M.M. USRE PhD Stud. VRT 8.16 Email to De Miguel Capdevila, M.M.
De Sousa Lopes Figueiredo, dr. S.M. AUDE UD VRT 7.23 +31 40-247 8985 Email to De Sousa Lopes Figueiredo, dr. S.M.
Dekker, ir. R.W.A. SD PhD Stud. VRT 9. Email to Dekker, ir. R.W.A.
Dekkers - de Bruijn, I.M. USRE Secretary VRT 9.07 +31 40-247 2373 Email to Dekkers - de Bruijn, I.M.
Delsing, ing. A.C.A. BPS OBP VRT 2.58 +31 40-247 5064 Email to Delsing, ing. A.C.A.
Derakhshan, S. MSc USRE TOIO VRT 9.16 +31 40-247 2262 Email to Derakhshan, S. MSc
Diederen, P.J.R. AUDE HGL VRT 7.10 Email to Diederen, P.J.R.
Diepens, ing. J.F.L. BPS OBP VRT 2.57 +31 40-247 3514 Email to Diepens, ing. J.F.L.
Dirrix, ir. T.G. AUDE OBP VRT 0. Email to Dirrix, ir. T.G.
Doevendans, C.H. AUDE OWP VRT 7.29 +31 40-247 2980 Email to Doevendans, C.H.
Dominicus, ir. M.M.T. AUDE PhD Stud. VRT 7.15 +31 40-247 2472 Email to Dominicus, ir. M.M.T.
Dongen, ir. R.P. USRE PhD Stud. VRT 8.16 +31 40-247 3315 Email to Dongen, ir. R.P.
Dorenkamper, M. BPS OWP VRT 2.57 Email to Dorenkamper, M.
Dorst, C.E. van MA DO OBP VRT 2.17 +31 40-247 8552 Email to Dorst, C.E. van MA
Doudart de la Grée, G.C.H. BPS OWP VRT 6.09 +31 40-247 5795 Email to Doudart de la Grée, G.C.H.
Druenen, ir. T. van BPS PhD Stud. VRT 6.36 +31 40-247 2039 Email to Druenen, ir. T. van
Druta, O. AUDE UD VRT 7.21 Email to Druta, O.
Duijnhoven, ir. J. van BPS PhD Stud. VRT 6.16 Email to Duijnhoven, ir. J. van

Total persons: 25