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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Arentze, prof.dr. T.A. USRE +31 40-247 2283 Email to Arentze, prof.dr. T.A.
Bekkering, prof.ir. J.D. AUDE +31 40-247 2660 Email to Bekkering, prof.ir. J.D.
Belis, prof.dr.ir. J.L.I.F. SD Email to Belis, prof.dr.ir. J.L.I.F.
Blocken, prof.dr.ir. B.J.E. BPS +31 40-247 2138 Email to Blocken, prof.dr.ir. B.J.E.
Brouwers, prof.dr.ir. H.J.H. BPS +31 40-247 2930 Email to Brouwers, prof.dr.ir. H.J.H.
Colenbrander, prof.dr. B.J.F. AUDE +31 40-247 2194 Email to Colenbrander, prof.dr. B.J.F.
Diederen, prof.ir. P.J.R. AUDE Email to Diederen, prof.ir. P.J.R.
Gianotten, prof.ir. D. AUDE Email to Gianotten, prof.ir. D.
Hornikx, prof.dr.ir. M.C.J. BPS +31 40-247 4236 Email to Hornikx, prof.dr.ir. M.C.J.
Kort, prof.dr. H.S.M. BPS +31 40-247 2957 Email to Kort, prof.dr. H.S.M.
Laan, dr. S.R. van der BPS Email to Laan, dr. S.R. van der
Loenen, prof.dr.ir. E.J. van BPS +31 40-247 8223 Email to Loenen, prof.dr.ir. E.J. van
Maljaars, prof.dr.ir. J. SD +31 40-247 2162 Email to Maljaars, prof.dr.ir. J.
Mohammadi, prof.dr.ir. M. AUDE +31 40-247 3114 Email to Mohammadi, prof.dr.ir. M.
Nelissen, prof.ir. E.S.M. BPS +31 40-247 2988 Email to Nelissen, prof.ir. E.S.M.
Rapp, prof.Dipl.-Ing. C. AUDE +31 40-247 3308 Email to Rapp, prof.Dipl.-Ing. C.
Rasouli, prof.dr. S. USRE +31 40-247 4527 Email to Rasouli, prof.dr. S.
Rosemann, prof.Dr.-Ing. A.L.P. BPS +31 40-247 8578 Email to Rosemann, prof.Dr.-Ing. A.L.P.
Salet, prof.dr.ir. T.A.M. SD +31 40-247 5099 Email to Salet, prof.dr.ir. T.A.M.
Snijder, prof.ir. H.H. SD +31 40-247 2153 Email to Snijder, prof.ir. H.H.
Suiker, prof.dr.ir. A.S.J. SD +31 40-247 5098 Email to Suiker, prof.dr.ir. A.S.J.
Teuffel, prof.Dr.-Ing. P.M. SD +31 40-247 2679 Email to Teuffel, prof.Dr.-Ing. P.M.
Vries, prof.dr.ir. B. de USRE +31 40-247 2388 Email to Vries, prof.dr.ir. B. de
Wesemael, prof.dr.ir. P.J.V. van AUDE +31 40-247 2073 Email to Wesemael, prof.dr.ir. P.J.V. van
Wijte, prof.ir. S.N.M. SD +31 40-247 4890 Email to Wijte, prof.ir. S.N.M.
Zeiler, prof.ir. W. BPS +31 40-247 3714 Email to Zeiler, prof.ir. W.

Total persons: 26