Encouragement grant Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Each year the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry department of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) makes up to 25 Encouragement grants available to first-year students of the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Bachelor's program. These Encouragement grants, worth at least 2000 euros, are paid in two installments.

When do you stand to get this Encouragement grant?
The first part of the Encouragement grant is awarded on the basis of a portfolio you provide comprising your independent research, extracurricular science activities followed and social activities. Up to 25 Encouragement grants are awarded and the same 25 students receive the second installment of this grant if they complete all their first-year subjects within one year.

Enroll for Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at TU/e
To become eligible for an Encouragement grant you must be admitted to the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Bachelor's program at Eindhoven University of Technology (as primary registration). Then in July you will receive an invitation describing exactly how you can submit your portfolio. A jury of experts will assess the portfolios and award the first installment of the grant to the selected students at the beginning of the academic year.