Research project / Internship

If you want to do a research project for 3 months or more, first read the remarks concerning internships underneath:

  • An internship/project within one of the research groups of the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry department is possible in case the academic contact person of the involved research group has given his/her approval.
  • Note that in the unfortunate case that no research group is able to offer you a suitable project, nothing can be done at the department level; the department cannot force a research group to accept a particular student.
  • In all cases, neither the receiving research group, nor our university, nor any other Dutch organization will pay expenses of the guest. A visiting student, who wishes to work at the TU/e, thus has to find all the funds that he/she needs for travelling to/from Eindhoven and for living there in his/her own country.
    Only in case a visiting student will stay at the TU/e for a complete semester (according to the academic agenda) accommodation could be applied for. For other periods students need to look for accommodation themselves: other ways to find accommodation in Eindhoven.
  • Regardless of the status of an internship at your university and the fact that you will probably not attend theoretical courses during your stay at TU/e, you will be registered as an exchange student for the period of stay. So you need to follow exactly the same procedure of application as all other exchange students.

If an internship in our department is indeed what you are looking for, identify the research group that is the most attractive to you. Once you have identified this group, try to get into contact with the group directly, and see if you can agree on a suitable project. Please send a CV and a Transcript of Records attached to your e-mail to the research group.