In the download files you can find all the courses (Bachelor's and Master's courses) for an exchange program in Chemical Engineering. For a description of the courses, please consult OSIRIS.  All these courses are taught in English.


The courses are divided into different time slots to prevent having overlapping schedules for lectures, tutorials and exams. With these time slots you can build yourself a feasible schedule. You can find the timeslots for each course in OSIRIS.

The week is divided in the following timeslots:

Note that a lecture 'hour' takes 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minutes break, and that there is a lunch break from 12:30 till 13:30. Hour 1 (morning) starts at 08:45, hour 5 (afternoon) starts at 13:30.

Our university has a two-semester system consisting of four quarters; Semester A divided in quarter 1 and 2, and semester B divided in quarter 3 and 4. You might want to check the overall time schedule and the academic calendar for the exact dates of the quarters and the examination periods in the academic year.

Please note: Exchange students who stay for semester one (fall semester), in case you need to make a re-examination in quarter 3 for a course from quarter 2: the only possibility to attend a re-examination is at the Eindhoven University of Technology. If you will be able to travel to the TU/e, you can ask for an extension of your enrollment (in order to take the exam and register the results you should be enrolled at TU/e).

Please pay attention to the fact that for some courses you will need prior knowledge. Look at OSIRIS (information) to see if you have sufficient prior knowledge. You can always send an email to the responsible lecturer if you are not sure if your prior knowledge is sufficient. Ask him to send a cc. of his answer to the International Office Chemical Engineering.

Note that all courses require an explicit registration through the university's e-learning system OSIRIS. This can only be done after arrival and receiving your login information after visiting the service desk of the International Office.

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry is only responsible for those courses whose subject code starts with '6'; all the courses mentioned in the list above are available to exchange students, but we cannot guarantee that this will be the case for the courses of other departments. Consult the exchange web pages of the other departments to check which courses from the other departments are available to exchange students.

We don’t mind if you attend one or two courses within another department. However, the main part of your studies should be followed within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.