Student-centred education

A framework of learning is designed around the learning needs of a student, with a strong sense of ownership and professional identity and vision. For example coaching on projects and on identity development, working with peers to foster reflection and choosing electives and projects to create a preferred learning pathway. Because the focus is on the student, self-directedness and competence development play a major role in the educational program. The student is in charge and has control and initiative over his or her personal development. Through personal, industrial and research projects, students develop a unique competence and process approach, which results in a diversity of graduated students.

Sharing passion and knowledge

We educate the new generation of chemical engineers with high quality courses in chemical engineering and chemistry in our bachelor’s and master’s programs and for our EngD and PhD candidates. All of the scientific staff members actively contribute to the educational programs and guide and support students in their development as scientists and engineers. Sharing knowledge, passion and experience is the most important asset of our education programs. Both bachelor and master students conclude their program with a three month assignment at one of our research groups. An excellent opportunity to learn hands-on from top scientist  in a specialised field. 

The curriculum is filled with the latest developments in research and hands-on projects. A clear, coherent program is offered with the opportunity for the student to choose their own specialization. In every education specialization and problem-based learning plays an important part in learning to solve societal challenges.

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