Companies are unaware of the possibilities afforded by microreactors for both pilot experiments and full-scale production, and suppliers do not know how to best serve their customers. Flowid brings these two parties together. Flowid has an applications laboratory where it can show business owners how the pumps and reactors of various suppliers work and also determine the optimal settings for each customer. What, exactly, is the right concentration and temperature?

“Each company’s situation is unique, which means that every combination is unique in terms of the optimal setting,” explains Wouter Stam, one of Flowid’s three founders. “Microreactors are a great technology. Unfortunately, they are still not being used widely for production. The industrial breakthrough has yet to materialize. We provide the industry two things: first, we can examine in the lab whether something will work, but more importantly, we can determine whether it will work on a big production scale.” Eventually, Flowid envisions the sale of other applications and applied production kits.