TU/e spin-off TUSTI best start-up in chemistry 2016

Prince Constantijn congratulates the three finalists

TU/e spin-off company TUSTI received the NWO Gouden Kiem award, the best start-up in chemistry, at the CHAINS conference on December 7th.  

TUSTI, founded by Jan Kolijn and Eline Stiphout, is a high tech recycling company. They solve recycling issues and treat waste streams that other recycling companies cannot handle. This is how TUSTI came to it's first invention: a cleaning process to remove frying oil from HDPE.

The other finalists were TU/e spin-off Relay 3D and SEALEAU. Prince Constantijn, ambassador of StartupDelta, congratulated the finalists in a video message. The jury was impressed by the drive and energy of the three finalists. The deciding factor to award TUSTI was the strong link between academic research and entrepreneurship that leads to societal impact.

The Gouden Kiem award is powered by NWO Chemische Wetenschappen, Topsector Chemie and InnovatieLink.