Ilja Voets and Volker Hessel receive ERC Proof of Concept

Research grants for antifreeze proteins and microreactors

The European Research Council (ERC) has granted prof. dr. Volker Hessel and dr. ir. Ilja Voets Proof of Concepts. This 'top up' grant, worth €150.000 is designed to help ERC-funded frontier research maximize value.

The ERC Proof of Concept study allows the researchers to assess the options for marketing and to set up a concrete business plan for a spin-off company.

Ilja Voets – antifreeze proteins

Ilja Voets' project examines how a coating of antifreeze proteins can prevent the adhesion of ice to, for example, car windshields. The coating developed in Voets' lab promises to have many applications, including in construction (reduced moisture freezing), infrastructure (reduced asphalt raveling) and food technology (increased shelf life and quality). With the Proof of Concept, Voets hopes to demonstrate the potential of using its antifreeze proteins on a commercial scale.

Volker Hessel – micro-reactors

The project of Volker Hessel aims to develop a commercially profitable mini plant producing pharmaceutical raw materials using continuous flow. The current batch production of these raw materials has many disadvantages in terms of quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Using the novel micro-reactors, these points can be improved. With the ERC Proof of Concept, the final step can be made to an industrially useful scale.