Take-off feasibility study for Lusoco

Lusoco, a spin-off company from TU/e's Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, has been awarded a Take-off phase 1 feasibility study from NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences. Previously, the spin-off of founders Teun Wagenaars and Jeroen ter Schiphorst was already nominated for the Gouden Kiem 2018. Teun and Jeroen are supported by Assistant Professor Michael Debije, expert in the field of Luminescent Solar Concentrators.

From the beginning of 2021, new construction must meet the requirements for almost zero-energy buildings. To make this transition possible, solar energy is an important form of sustainable energy generation. However, the energy transition will only succeed if energy generation fits well in the environment. Promising are building-integrated solar panels that blend into the surroundings or even make the buildings more beautiful. Lusoco and Eindhoven University of Technology are developing printed glass with energy-generating properties to make the transition to energy-neutral buildings a reality.

About Take-off
Take-off, the funding instrument available to all scientific fields, encourages activity and entrepreneurship within the Dutch knowledge institutions. With this instrument, academic entrepreneurs – but also starters from universities of applied sciences (HBO) and starters who are making use of knowledge from institutions for Applied Research Organisations (TO2) – can bring their innovative research results to the market.

Feasibility study
For a feasibility study, researchers within Take-off can request financing of EUR 20,000 to a maximum of EUR 40,000. This loan can be used to perform a feasibility study of the commercial application of innovative ideas and the start of activity on the basis of knowledge innovations from knowledge institutions. A feasibility study leads to a report which includes the possibilities of a start-up.