100 papers in Chemical Engineering Science for prof. Hans Kuipers

Hans Kuipers, professor in Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), is the first author to publish 100 papers in Chemical Engineering Science. To celebrate this special achievement, a virtual special issue of the journal has been prepared. This special issue contains all 100 papers of prof.dr.ir. Hans Kuipers, starting from his very first paper based on his graduation work on mass transfer with complex reversible chemical reactions, all the way to his most recent papers on fluidization.

Besides the virtual special issue, a limited edition of hardcopies has been prepared as well, containing a selection of twelve papers that have or are expected to have a large impact on the field of multiphase reactor modeling. Kuipers received the first copy of this special issue last Tuesday during the Fluidization XIV conference in Noordwijkerhout, where he is the chairman.

His colleagues Dr.ir. Niels Deen and Prof.dr.ir. Martin van Sint Annaland  coordinated the publication of the special issue. In their foreword they state: ‘It pays tribute to a truly remarkable career, which is still going strong’. Furthermore, they describe Hans Kuipers as very conscientious and precise in his work. Besides doing research, he teaches courses on all levels (BSc, MSc and PhD) with great passion.

About prof.dr.ir. Hans Kuipers
Hans Kuipers was born in Ootmarsum, The Netherlands in June 1959. He first came into contact with the field of chemical engineering in 1977, when he attended the technical high school in Chemistry in Hengelo, the Netherlands. After finishing his study, he moved to the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands in 1981 to continue his education in Chemical Engineering. Kuipers graduated in 1985 under supervision of Geert Versteeg and Wim van Swaaij. In the same year he started with his PhD study at the Reaction Engineering group of the University of Twente on detailed micro balance modeling of gas-fluidized beds. After being appointed as assistant and associate professor, he became a fulltime Professor in Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering at the University of Twente in 1999. In 2009 he received the prestigious Advanced Grant of the European Research Council. In 2010 Kuipers got the opportunity to extend his research activities at the Eindhoven University of Technology, who decided to make substantial investments in the area of chemical engineering. His entire staff moved with him to Eindhoven to continue the work on multiphase reactors.

About Chemical Engineering Science
Chemical Engineering Science publishes papers on the fundamentals of chemical engineering, including the development of chemical engineering knowledge and process into and from other disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, and applied mathematics. Industrial areas covered by the journal include biotechnology, chemicals, energy, food, materials, microelectronics, nanotechnology, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The Virtual Special Issue, including twelve selected papers free online until 24 August 2013, can be accessed at Elsevier's website.