Alexander Parastaev

Research Project Emiel Hensen / Jan Philipp Hofmann / Alexander Parastaev

Plasma catalytic CO2 hydrogenation into valuable products

Plasma CO2 emission are continuously increasing, this raises the question of recycling carbon dioxide to fuels such as methanol and use it as a carrier for renewable energy storage. Conventional carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol requires harsh conditions. A perspective route to overcome this limitation is combination of the non-thermal plasma with heterogeneous catalysis. In spite of the first very promising results in this filed which were obtained in 1990’s, there is still no understanding of the plasma-catalyst interaction and the role of catalyst, because it is very complicated system which required new approaches for deep study. The complexity lies in that reagents could be activated by plasma in bulk phase unlike conventional catalysis. Collisions of energetic electrons with neutral species produce ionization, dissociation and electronic, vibrational and rotational excitation of the neutral gas. Moreover, electrons, UV radiation and short-lived species existing in plasma could interact with catalyst surface and change it. To investigate the changing in reaction pathway under these conditions we intend to perform in-situ attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy. The understanding of these issues will lead to further promoting of the application of non-thermal plasma combined with heterogeneous catalysis.

Main goals of the project are:

Understanding the surface chemistry distinguishing the plasma catalytic CO2 conversion from conventional processes;

Development of innovative catalytic system with new catalyst requirements needed for harsh plasma conditions.  

Being a part of this project, you will become familiar with a new interdisciplinary approach of CO2 conversion and number of advanced characterization technics.

Techniques used:



Testing: GC, MS

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