Evgeny Uslamin

Research Project Emiel Hensen / Evgeny Pidko / Evgeny Uslamin

Biomass conversion by porous oxides

The development of new efficient technologies for the conversion of renewables to useful chemicals and fuels represents one of the main scientific and technological challenges of today for the chemical industry. There still many problems are facing the industry such as effective production of biomass in different regions, transportation, chemical diversity, competition with the food industry, etc. However, developing new effective and selective catalytic technologies is one of the most important issues[1].

This project aims to investigate two different approaches to conversion of biomass and biomass-derived molecules to aromatics on zeolites. The first route represents a sequence of reactions that allows the selective step-by-step conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to aromatics. Separation of cellulose from bulk biomass followed by depolymerization, dehydration, hydrogenation and aromatization reaction. Clearly, this strategy can be effective only if every single step is performed with very high selectivity[2].

A second approach is catalytic fast pyrolysis (CFP) allows converting bulk lignocellulosic biomass directly to aromatics. The advantage is lower sensitivity of the process to feed. However, separation of the products is required and formation of undesired products occurs[3].

Main goals of the project are

  • Understanding the chemistry underlying the conversion processes of biomass aromatization and design of active and selective catalytic systems for biomass aromatization
  • education the reaction network and the role of Diels-Alder cycloaddition reaction in overall process
  • Clarifying the role of Lewis and Brønsted acid sites
  • Synthesis of novel nanostructured catalysts based on understanding of the mechanisms

Techniques used:


XRD, FTIR, BET, ICP, liquid and solid state NMR, TEM, SEM

Testing: on-line GC-MS, GC, NMR



For further information:

Emiel Hensen (Helix, STW 3.35), Tel 5178, e.j.m.hensen@tue.nl

Evgeny Pidko (Helix, STW 3.27), Tel 2189, e.a.pidko@tue.nl

Evgeny Uslamin (Helix, STW 3.29), Tel 8984, e.uslamin@tue.nl

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