Yue Zhang

Research Project – Yue Zhang/Jan Philipp Hofmann/ Emiel Hensen


A sustainable energy supply for future generations is one of the grand challenges of the present century. Undoubtedly, solar energy is one of the few most promising routes to introduce renewable energy at a large scale. (Photo)Electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen will play a great role in converting solar energy into storable clean fuels. To realize this approach into a viable technology for large-scale hydrogen production, many challenges need to be overcome such as improving the solar-to-hydrogen efficiency, decreasing the cost, and related to this, the use of cheap and earth-abundant materials. This research project is to develop stable and active earth-abundant electrocatalysts such as transition metal phosphides or sulfides.

Possible project

1. Preparation of different earth-abundant catalysts such as cobalt, nickel and iron phosphide and sulfides, etc., even three-element materials via electrodeposition, hydrothermal reaction.

2. Characterization (XRD, XPS, SEM, Raman) of these materials to research on the composition and structure.

3. Combining electrochemical tests of these materials (Cyclic Voltammetry, Linear Scan Voltammetry, Chronoamperometry and Chronopotentiometry program) to explore the activity and stability.

For further information

Emiel Hensen (Helix, STW 3.35), Tel 5178, e.j.m.hensen@tue.nl

Jan Philipp Hofmann (Helix, STW 3.48), Tel 3466, j.p.hofmann@tue.nl

Yue Zhang (Helix, STW 3.49), Tel 3998, y.zhang4@tue.nl