Marra, Lucia (Dr.)

ReforCELL project

The aim of ReforCELL is to develop a novel, cheaper and more efficient multi-fuel membrane reformer for pure hydrogen production in order to intensify the process of hydrogen production through the integration of reforming and purification in one single unit. The research activity is focused on the lab scale design, construction and testing of novel reactors (membrane micro-channel reactor and membrane assisted micro-fluidized bed). The objectives are:

  • Selection of ATR-CMR components: catalysts, membranes and supports, and sealing.
  • Integration of these elements in lab scale reactors specifically designed for ATR.
  • Validation of the lab scale reactors performances and identification of the best design for a prototype pilot.

The design of the reactor will be supported by a modeling task to identify the most suitable reactor configuration, with information on catalysts and membranes. Modeling will also set guidelines for required properties of the catalysts and membranes.