Spallina, Vincenzo (PD)

Cling CO2 project

ClingCO2 is a project focused on the study of a novel technology to achieve pure H2 production from natural gas with near-zero CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. This technology is based on a combination of Chemical Looping Reforming and H2 selective membrane reactors (fig 1). Chemical Looping is based on the use of an oxygen carrier (metal oxide) that is cyclically oxidized when contacted with an air stream  (air reactor) and reduced in presence of fuel stream (fuel reactor). The fuel reactor also acts as auto-thermal reforming reactor where natural gas is fed with steam and thus converted into H2 and CO. In case of a Membrane Assisted-Chemical Looping Reforming (MA-CLR) the presence of H2 selective membranes improve the syngas conversion for the effect of subtracting pure H2 from the syngas and thus no other components such as Shift reactors and H2 separator are required.

In the present project, the integration of the system in an industrial scale plant is carried out and compared with conventional systems already used for the H2 production. The MA-CLR is compared with the novel technologies that have been studied and partly developed in the recent years such as Chemical Looping Reforming, Chemical Looping Combustion with Steam Methane Reforming or Fluidized Bed Membrane Reactor system (fig.2). The systems comparison include both technical and economic point of view. A phenomenological model of the system will be also included  for a correct prediction of the hydrodynamics and gas-solid kinetics and a lab-scale reactor will also be tested for model validation and membrane scale-up. The operating conditions of the system will be tested according to different industrial partners that are involved in the projects.

Figure 2