Computational Fluid Dynamics

One of the core competencies of our group is multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling with a focus on industrial applications.

We aim to provide fundamental knowledge on the physics of the relevant processes with our dedicated models, in order to improve the models used by industry. It is very difficult to model this, since the reactors are 3 m x 10 m in size and the transfer of mass, heat and momentum occurs at bubble or particle scale (range of mm and ┬Ám). So we model these reactors with our own computer codes at different scales, to gain information which is needed for the larger scale. In this way, every aspect of the flow phenomena is studied:

Our Models:

Different types of multiphase models are used in our group: amongst others, we have in-house build models using the Front Tracking, Lattice-Boltzmann, Discrete Element Methods and Multi Fluid methods. Besides bubble columns and (spout) fluidized beds, we use our models to simulate gas-liquid-solid flows, chute flow, vibrated beds, etc. Of course, all our models are available in full 3D, however, we also have a (pseudo) 2D version of each code.

A multiscale modelling approach is employed, and hence we are able to simulate these multiphase systems at different scales. Results from detailed, fully resolved simulations can be formulated as a closure, which consequently is used in a larger-scale model.