Bringing science to society

By interlinking chemical engineering sciences, materials chemistry and molecular systems our department translates fundamental research into marketable applications. This can be achieved by collaborating with commercial companies or by encouraging our students and staff to set up a spin-off company. The following spin-offs have arisen in the past 10 years from our department:


Ventinova Medical

Ventinova Medical is a company that develops and markets innovative products for airway management and patient ventilation.


EmulTech has developed a process for producing drug delivery systems: forming droplets in microfluidic channels.


Companies are unaware of the possibilities afforded by microreactors for both pilot experiments and full-scale production, and suppliers do not know how to best serve their customers. Flowid brings these two parties together.

Hybrid Catalysis

Hybrid Catalysis improves or replaces catalysts for companies.


Lusoco focuses on sustainable applications with printed glass that harvests daylight and shines at night. Using fluorescent dyes to absorb sunlight and light guiding this towards edge-attached solar cells is the key of the technology.


The windows Peer+ plans to manufacture have three settings: dark, diffuse and light. In the dark and diffuse settings, the incoming light is used to generate energy.

PTG Eindhoven

Polymer Technology Group Eindhoven BV (PTG/e) is an independent research and knowledge institute working within the area of polymer systems.


The recycling company for 3d printing powder.


Inspired by these animals and plants, Sponsh is developing a temperature sensitive material that produces water from air.


SupraPolix is a young company developing innovative polymeric materials for applications ranging from adhesives and specialty coatings, to biomedical materials and cosmetics.


SyMO-Chem BV, active since 2000, is a company that you can turn to for contract research in the areas of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and analytical chemistry.


TUSTI is a high tech recycling company. They solve recycling issues and treat waste streams that other recycling companies cannot handle.


Vertoro valorises the technology of turning lignin, a residual stream produced by paper pulp and cellulosic ethanol plants, into so-called crude lignin oil (CLO).

Ratio Computer Aided Systems Engineering B.V.

RATIO focuses on the development of methods and tools for the specification, visualization, analysis, and optimization of system architectures to support engineers in avoiding rework and in developing even better systems.