Keynote by Professor Jean Clandinin

Stories to live by as a teacher educator: Intimate connections with the personal
and professional narratives of our lives.

As I prepared to celebrate the work of my friend and colleague Douwe Beijaard, I was
also putting together a kind of collection or retrospective of my own work. I began to
attend closely to resonances across our lives. Douwe completed his doctoral work a
few years later than I completed mine but we both came to doctoral work and the
academy after several years as teachers. We both spent time as teachers, in schools,
working with children and youth and their families as well as with other teachers.
While I cannot speak for Douwe, I know that those years as a teacher in schools had a
profound impact on who I became as a teacher educator, how I thought about my
work in the academy, and how I took up various research puzzles. As I look back, I see
such resonances across our research lives. I wonder whether those years spent in
schools as teachers shaped our passions and interests in such similar undertakings in
our research lives. In this talk, I share some of my research passions that appear to
have resonance with Douwe’s, hopefully illuminating some of mine and his as I do so.
There are resonances around workplace learning and experiential learning across
our lives and in the many places in which we live and work; around working in
relational ways with beginning teachers, ways which honour their knowledge, their
experiences, their possibilities as they compose their identities as people who teach;
around understanding teachers as holding agency in their lives and work; and around
narrative ways to engage in research that allows for co-compositions among
researchers and participants.