Workshop 1. Enhancing (intense) teacher learning through teaching practice in Finnish Teacher Education

Jukka Husu (University of Turku, FIN), Auli Toom (University of Helsinki, FIN) & Mariëlle Jonkers

In their extensive review of teacher educators’ professional learning, Ping, Schellings & Beijaard (2018) show that research on teacher educators' professional learning is a growing field of interest but one fragmented in focus. The review indicates there is no clear essential knowledge base for teacher educators' work to guide their activities with student teachers.

In Finnish teacher education, teacher’s work is seen as a thinking practice: demanding, knowledge-intensive work that requires both academic expertise and practical skills, and the expertise consists of a wide spectrum of activities from curriculum design and implementation of teaching to evaluation of educational practices and outcomes.

This workshop gives a short overview of the Finnish teacher education, and more specifically, teaching practice in the university-affiliated teacher education practice schools, where all student teachers undertake their teaching practice. Student teachers perceive teaching practice highly beneficial when learning to become a teacher. They also experience teacher educators’ support highly important during teaching practice and teacher education as whole. Recently, this setting has also garnered much interest from international researchers and policy makers.

The workshop utilises our current research along with empirical data to illuminate the procedures and guidance provided for teacher candidates to support their learning in teaching practice settings. You will gain insights both in student teachers’ and teacher educators’ perspectives. Some key results will be presented at the workshop.

Also, the Finnish teacher education system is used to collect insights for the ongoing debate on renewing the Dutch educational system and perspectives related to it.