Workshop 2. Design and research of education in Interactive Teacher Education Workshops

Jos Hulsker (Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs), Maaike Koopman (Eindhoven School of Education), Corry Kocken (Programmadirecteur AOS Oost-Brabant) en Annemieke Vennix (Eindhoven School of Education)

Interactive Teacher Education Workshops are a new form for educating and professionalizing (student) teachers, focussing on student learning. Teacher education institutes (Eindhoven School of Education, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Tilburg, and Fontys University of Applied Sciences) cooperate intensively with professional development schools of Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs (OMO). Since 2016, each cluster of professional development schools of OMO has an Interactive Teacher Education Workshop.

In the workshops, the different perspectives and development stages of participants form a biotope for professionalization, developing education, and doing research. Student teachers and in-service teachers learn together across teacher training institutes and schools, by means of designing lessons or curricula and conducting research, both with a focus on their students’ learning. This is called ‘design and research of the interactive workshops’.

Besides, researchers of the teacher education institutes involved are “conducting research into the interactive workshops”. The focus of this research is on what and how participants of the Interactive Teacher Education Workshops are learning.

In this contribution, you will gain insight into the aims and approaches of the Interactive Teacher Education Workshops by experiencing the ways participating (student) teachers learn in these

workshops yourself. Of course, the outcomes of (student) teachers’ learning, both for the (student) teachers themselves as their schools, will be discussed too. Finally, some of the notable results of the research into the workshops will be presented.