Leeratelier (The Learning Studio)

Since September 2016, it is possible to follow the master's program at the ESoE through a learning studio. Together with Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs (OMO), the Radboud Teachers' Academy, Fontys Teacher Training and Tilburg University, five learning studios are currently active.

A learning studio (community of practices) is an alternative form of teacher training, in which the emphasis is on training self-directed, competent teachers. The student is given the space to shape his or her own training and development together with experienced teachers and a teacher educator from one of the institutes involved. This requires a lot of self-guidance and ability to innovate from the student.

Learning in the learning studio

A learning studio group consists of teachers, students and a teacher educator. The teachers come from three or four different schools. The teacher can hold the role of internship supervisor, but not by default. Almost all school subjects can be represented in the learning studio. The students do their internships at one of the schools throughout the year. Every Tuesday morning the learning studio meets, and the group determines the agenda by mutual agreement, based on the learning needs. If there is a need for an expert from outside, these will be contacted. Interesting lectures or other meetings at one of the institutes are attended depending on the learning needs. We learn together. Each quartile starts with thematic inspiration days, lectures and workshops. These days are attended by all the learning studios, to ensure there is cross-pollination between the various learning studios.

The diversity in the learning workshops ensures a broad perspective of the teaching practice and optimal transfer of knowledge. Aspects such as cooperation, interdisciplinary collaboration and the school context are given a prominent place in the workshops. Experiences from the internships receive immediate attention in the workshop. The drawback of the diversity in the learning studio is that perhaps that there is less focus on subject didactics. Self-study, workplace supervision and contact with the subject teacher educator of one’s own institute are important in this respect.

Not only do the students in this trajectory go through a personal learning trajectory, so do the participating teachers who can develop themselves further and learn, design and research together with the students. The teachers are the link between the students and the school and the school management, thereby enabling optimal use to be made of the school context.

Two years ago, the first learning studio student at the ESoE graduated successfully. Last year five students participated (mathematics, chemistry, R&D and computer science) divided over three different studios.

* For the next school year you can still sign up for the learning studio. This route is very suitable for lateral entrants.

Want to know more?

Just e-mail Annemieke Vennix: j.vennix@tue.nl, watch the video presentation about the Learning Studio, read the brochure or visit: https://www.aos-omo.nl/leerateliers/.


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