Starting in your Bachelor

The ESoE offers the possibility to obtain a limited second degree teaching qualification that is valid for teaching chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics at VMBO-t as well as HAVO and VWO level in lower secondary school. To obtain a teaching qualification, the forthcoming bachelor program (Educational Minor) or completed bachelor program (Educational Module) must be listed in the "verwantschapstabel" drawn up by the Ministry of Education. On successful completion of the program (30 credits), the qualification will be printed on your bachelor diploma (Educational Minor) or you will be receive a second degree teaching qualification certificate (Educational Module).

A second degree teaching qualification during your Bachelor's degree
Two elective course sets can be incorporated in the bachelor that together may entitle you to a second degree teaching qualification in chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics. These elective sets of 15 credits each are known as the forthcoming second degree teaching qualification program and the subsequent second degree teaching qualification program. Students from all departments are welcome to take the first package. In order to obtain the qualification and thus follow the second set of courses, certain conditions must be met. Sometimes it is possible, with permission from the examination board of your own department, to choose these sets instead of the USE-line.

Read more about the possibilities in the Digital Study Guide (only in Dutch).

The teaching profession is examined from various angles and practical experience is gained, throughout the courses of the sets. It is a personal and challenging program! Learning objectives are transferring knowledge, presenting and coaching, designing lessons and teaching materials, studying educational and developmental theories, and experiencing what it is like to be in front of the class. The knowledge and skills acquired can be put to excellent use both within and outside the educational setting.

It is possible to follow (parts of) the program to get acquainted with teaching. The program provides bachelor students with the opportunity to discover whether their future might lie in teaching.

If both course sets are completed in the bachelor phase, a second degree teaching qualification can be awarded on the bachelor degree. This limited second degree teaching qualification allows you to teach at VMBO-t level and at HAVO and VWO level in lower secondary education, immediately after obtaining the bachelor degree! Successful completion of the educational elective course sets allows for exemptions  from the first degree teacher qualification program, the Master Science Education (SE) or the Educational Track within your own subject master.

The Master SE can be followed as a two-year master after the bachelor or in combination with a subject master (double degree). The master SE master leads to a first degree teacher qualification to teach one of the school subjects chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics or Research & Design.


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