Short term research

The Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE) and the IVA Institute for Policy Research and Consultancy at the University of Tilburg were engaged in a short-term research program on behalf of national pedagogical centers (LPC’s). This research was orientated at Professional Organization. The program run from 2011 to 2013.

Studies of no longer than one year supported schools in developing a professional and learning organization. This theme included the development of a shared vision of good education and the realization of a comprehensive policy, the balancing of tasks and responsibilities between different layers of schools, the professionalism of teachers and the development of a professional culture at school as well as an investigation into the efficient and effective organization of the school, including comprehensive quality assurance.

Some examples (in Dutch)

1. Implementation of the concept 'technical school' (vocational education)
 Technical(ly) school(ed)?
 Personal professionalism