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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Haakma, R. SPS OWP FLX 7. Email to Haakma, R.
Haan, G. de ES HGL FLX 3.131 +31 40-247 5049 Email to Haan, G. de
Habets, M.B.I. MSc CS OWP FLX 5.128 Email to Habets, M.B.I. MSc
Haesaert, S. CS UD FLX 5.131 +31 40-247 2668 Email to Haesaert, S.
Haghi, S.M. MSc ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Haghi, S.M. MSc
Hajizadeh, H. ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Hajizadeh, H.
Hakkens - Jansen, J.M.H. ECO Secretary FLX 9.093 +31 40-247 5801 Email to Hakkens - Jansen, J.M.H.
Hamelmann, P.C. MSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.078 Email to Hamelmann, P.C. MSc
Hanema, ir. J. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.076 Email to Hanema, ir. J.
Haque, dr. A.N.M.M. EES PD FLX 2.079 +31 40-247 8515 Email to Haque, dr. A.N.M.M.
Harpe, P.J.A. MsM UHD FLX 7.093 +31 40-247 3583 Email to Harpe, P.J.A.
He, Y. ES UD FLX 4.135 +31 40-247 5069 Email to He, Y.
Heel, D. van MSc DFEZ EE OBP FLX 0.104 +31 40-247 6022 Email to Heel, D. van MSc
Heemstra, S.M. ECO HGL FLX 9.095 +31 40-247 5980 Email to Heemstra, S.M.
Heesch, E.J.M. van EES UD FLX 3.133 +31 40-247 4493 Email to Heesch, E.J.M. van
Hegt, J.A. MsM UHD FLX 7.093 +31 40-247 3810 Email to Hegt, J.A.
Heide, S.P. van der ECO PhD Stud. FLX 9.104 +31 40-247 5394 Email to Heide, S.P. van der
Heijnerman - Douma, D. CS Secretary FLX 5.132 +31 40-247 3859 Email to Heijnerman - Douma, D.
Hendriks, M. ES OBP FLX 3.130 Email to Hendriks, M.
Hendrix, ing. W.H.A. CS OBP FLX 5.128 +31 40-247 3309 Email to Hendrix, ing. W.H.A.
Hendrix, ir. M.A.M. EPE UD FLX 2.124 +31 40-247 3562 Email to Hendrix, ir. M.A.M.
Herben, M.H.A.J. EM UHD FLX 9.074 +31 40-247 3594 Email to Herben, M.H.A.J.
Hermans, L.W.A. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.104 Email to Hermans, L.W.A.
Heunis, dr. T.M. SPS OWP FLX 0. Email to Heunis, dr. T.M.
Heunis, J.S. MSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 5.084 Email to Heunis, J.S. MSc
Heuvel, M. van den MsM Secretary FLX 7.096 +31 40-247 3392 Email to Heuvel, M. van den
Higuera Rodriguez, A. PHI PD FLX 9.064 +31 40-247 4727 Email to Higuera Rodriguez, A.
Hoeben, W.F.L.M. EES OWP FLX 3.133 +31 40-247 3709 Email to Hoeben, W.F.L.M.
Hoekstra, ir. F.S.J. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.078 Email to Hoekstra, ir. F.S.J.
Hoen, P.E.R. Buro EE OBP FLX 0.162 +31 40-247 4644 Email to Hoen, P.E.R.
Hoeven, drs. M. van der SPS n.a. FLX 7. Email to Hoeven, drs. M. van der
Hof, P.M.J. Van den CS HGL FLX 5.134 +31 40-247 3839 Email to Hof, P.M.J. Van den
Hol, A.M. OWI OWP FLX 0.122 Email to Hol, A.M.
Hon, B.P. de EM UD FLX 9.074 +31 40-247 3603 Email to Hon, B.P. de
Hoogerman, J.J. EES OBP FLX 3.135 +31 40-247 8734 Email to Hoogerman, J.J.
Hoppe, R.T.W.J. van MSc EES OWP FLX 3.135 +31 40-247 2332 Email to Hoppe, R.T.W.J. van MSc
Hout, M.B. van der SPS OWP FLX 7.079 Email to Hout, M.B. van der
Houtum, W.J. van PhD SPS OBP FLX 7.064 Email to Houtum, W.J. van PhD
Huang, J. ECO PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Huang, J.
Huang, L. MSc EM PhD Stud. FLX 9.080 +31 40-247 8955 Email to Huang, L. MSc
Huang, Y. MSc SPS TOIO FLX 0. Email to Huang, Y. MSc
Huffel, S.J.A. van SPS n.a. FLX 7.102 Email to Huffel, S.J.A. van
Huijskens, ing. F.M. ECO OBP FLX 9.089 +31 40-247 2501 Email to Huijskens, ing. F.M.
Huiskamp, T. EES UD FLX 3.133 +31 40-247 4164 Email to Huiskamp, T.
Huisken, ir. J.A. ES OWP FLX 4.130 +31 40-247 5071 Email to Huisken, ir. J.A.
Huisman, H. EPE UHD FLX 2.132 +31 40-247 8750 Email to Huisman, H.
Hulsen, P.H.W. MSc P&O/ee OBP FLX 0.107 +31 40-247 4869 Email to Hulsen, P.H.W. MSc
Hulsenboom, A.D.J. SPS OWP FLX 7.079 Email to Hulsenboom, A.D.J.
Hulshof, ir. S. OWI OWP FLX 0.122 +31 40-247 3713 Email to Hulshof, ir. S.
Hurk, ir. D.P.M. van den CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.080 Email to Hurk, ir. D.P.M. van den

Total persons: 50